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Michael Ferrell Knows Business Transactions

Buying or selling, even working to improve the value of your business is a complex process. The business lifecycle – which includes mergers,acquisitions, and divestitures, is something that should be considered seriously. The decisions and planning that creates a successful company require careful strategy from initial entry to exit.

Michael Ferrell of ConsultKAP has over 15 years’ experience as a business advisor, he is a licensed business intermediary, but his integrity is what differentiates him. As a member of ConsultKAP, Atlanta’s most trusted business brokerage firm, Michael has access to privileged, industry resources and vital connections to strategic resources.

Selling Your Business?

You have questions. Michael has answers. He also has the experience to provide you with knowledgeable information, so you can make informed decisions when you go to sell your business. Questions Michael is able to answer for you include:

  • What is the best “exit” strategy?
  • How soon should you start preparing your business for sale?
  • How do you set a fair market price?
  • How do you market the business for maximum exposure while maintaining confidentiality?
  • How do you qualify prospective buyers?
  • How do you negotiate to reach the best possible deal?
  • How do you keep the business going while trying to sell?

Your asking price and the final price can differ dramatically. A skilled consultant will make sure you get the best possible price and terms.

Seeking to Buy a Business?

As a transition specialist, Michael understands and can work through every potential issue, loophole, and problem that arises in buying a business. Working with a consultant such as Michael will allow you to be empowered – to ask for the terms you feel comfortable, and get the best information on every key move within the buying process. Buyers have many questions, and Michael can answer all of them.

  • How do you find the right business to buy?
  • What are the steps in purchasing a business?
  • How do you get funding from 3rd party lenders?
  • How do you negotiate to reach the best possible deal?
  • How do you successfully conduct due diligence?

The right business consultant can help you purchase a business with minimal “hiccups”and a much greater potential for success, protecting your capital investment.

Want to Add Value to Your Business?

If you are looking to add value to your business, Michael is able to assist you.  His distinct advantage of experience will allow you to enhance your sales, margins, and capital efficiency in a productive manner. Working with Michael will help you achieve the business model you have always dreamed of.

Contact Us for Direct Results

Michael Ferrell is available to meet with you face-to-face to discuss your specific and unique situation.  Take advantage of his experience, resources, and “integrity first” approach to client service to give you the best option when it comes to handling any business transaction. Call Michael today; he’ll orchestrate a winning strategy to ensure your success.

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